Thursday, May 26, 2011

Elena Styrikovich - Diary

Diary from Elena Styrikovich on Vimeo.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Boy on the Roof


REX the Puppy
 Well :

I am on my lap top working and i hear some noise outside the house on the roof. I go out and guess what? I see a boy on top of our house. I say: What you doing there? Boy: I am looking for my tennis ball. Me: Well we have 45kg German Shepherd and its not very wise you being inside my property .You could knock on the door and I will fetch the ball for you. I have like 5 signs on the fence saying: "Danger,Dog on Property.Enter on Your Own Risk". I say get down safely and stand outside the fence and i will give u the ball.You can get very hurt if my puppy get you. Then i see another boy on the fence behind me. I was thinking what the hell.
I see another boys watching from distance just like a spectators and the moment i went out they moved further down the road. 
People just looking for trouble. Gave the ball to the boys and had a chat with them to be careful and read the signs. It wont be dogs fault if the boys enter the property and no one is home to stop him. That was interesting late afternoon. I called the cops just in case to let them know that if those boys decide to tease the dog and enter the property without permission they are looking for trouble .

This situation reminds me a bit of Bulgaria. I was a naughty boy back in the days and i dont blame the boys looking for a bit of adrenaline rush and danger and having some fun but now i get what older people actually mean when they tell us to be careful and not look for trouble.I was talking to the person from the call center and said that the boys are lucky the dog was inside the house otherwise this 45kg puppy can do some serious damage protecting his territory and the poor kids will be running for their lives and they better be fast because the dog wont wait for them to jump the fence back to safety..

Funny now its me telling some young boys to think before they act and be careful and read the signs..

REX the Puppy

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