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The life-cycle of a butterfly (and moth for that matter) is a remarkable series of changes between seemingly very different forms culminating in the emergence of a butterfly. Throughout nature there are fantastic and fascinating occurrences of many kinds. The metamorphosis of an egg to a butterfly is just one of those wonders.

This post is for this little creature which caught my eye yesterday when i was walking my dog Rex.We almost stepped on this beauty,while Rex was sniffing every single inch of the walkway.Its like the story about the beauty and the beast but drive through style with the speed of the fast and furious 5.

If I am the unsuspected beast and the Butterfly is the unsuspected but obvious beauty,that scenario can work.Well between me and my dog we make one beautiful perfect beast with very human and animal big loving heart.

Well initially i would walk past it and just will keep minding my own business,but i stopped and took few photos.The butterfly was close to the walkway so i placed it under a tree away from harms way,then me and Rex continued our walk.

I couldn't stop thinking of the butterfly and how beautiful it looked in comparison with the rainy and cloudy weather.So the next day i was going past the same spot hoping the butterfly will be there again so i can take more pictures and place it in our back yard and keep her safe so she can live her life or whatever is left of it in piece, and not being ran over by something or pissed on by a dog or stepped on by someone else's shoe.haha

The day after i took those photos of The Butterfly i was feeling a bit guilty that i took photos and locking The Butterfly's beauty  in a frame still shot in this moment in time without permission, and didn't do anything in return.So going back and taking few more photos and taking The Butterfly to safety seemed a very good idea. 

I was imagining if i was that little thing : What would i think being handled and carried somewhere without knowing what will happen?.Or as it happens if i was butterfly i wouldn't think anything. I would just react on whats going on and will be shitting my pants sort of speaking.

Its remarkable what two hours of your life,concentrated on something so fragile and beautiful can do to you and how you feel.And let me tell you I feel good just being able to take few photos of this butterfly and record a moment of her life which otherwise passes by without notice.

I feel like this butterfly sometimes, how small and how fragile we all are.Life goes on, and we live our lives with some kind of purpose, or some people with no purpose at all.Which is worse i guess is up to a debate. My point is that little things matter .Also just like with the butterfly it will be so cool, when you think that you are all alone, and there is no help around, and you dont see a reason to go further, right then and there someone or something will stop in their busy walk of life and take a moment to help you.


Now THE BUTTERFLY is enjoying the backyard tree and also the company of my puppy REX.
Rex is like her bodyguard and big brother. Maybe a bit smelly when wet, but very loyal.



Monday, April 25, 2011

Auckland Producer-Director Amanda Phillips and her Feature Film, “Desired”

Auckland producer-director Amanda Phillips is preparing to take her first feature film, “Desired”, to the Cannes Film Festival 

Kiwi Filmmaker Amanda Phillips - Breakfast Interview from Dimi Nakov on Vimeo.


Auckland Scoop:

Plot Outline:

“Red” Sarah Barker is a high end prostitute whose life is turned around when she marries Police Detective Joshua King. When love alone isn’t enough to keep them together, Red and Joshua must contend in a reality where; Red rapidly descends into the dangerous drug-fuelled world of street prostitution. With a curb-crawling serial killer targeting prostitutes, Joshua scours Aucklands underbelly to find the woman who keeps running away, before it’s too late. In a time where sex is bought, sold and stolen; real love is priceless. 

The film, which represents Amanda’s directorial debut, is being produced by her production company, Film Shock Productions, in association with Morcan Motion Pictures, and will premiere at Cannes, Marche Du Film on May 17.
Currently in post-production, “Desired” stars Dwayne Cameron (The TribeThe CultStreet LegalThe Locals) and Delaney Tabron (The Richmond Family Massacre).

Amanda describes the independently funded digi-feature as the flagship project for Film Shock Productions, the company she and her husband Caleb created.
“We will be seeking festival recognition and cinematic release for this film,” she says. “And we are very excited about its prospects.”
This young mother and multi-tasker believes “Desired” will appeal to a wide audience.
“It’s essentially an investigation into human nature – in particular the emotion of ‘desire’, exploring themes of lust, greed and spousal love.”

She says she wanted to make a film that would provide a new take on ‘real’ love set against a backdrop of increased family breakdown and a sex-driven culture.
“The film’s characters overcome great odds in their pursuit of love initially with opposing professions – Police officer and prostitute. Their relationship develops in an antagonistic, corrupt environment.”
Amanda says she was inspired by the social controversy in New Zealand during the 1990’s, in particular the Police Merger with the Ministry of Transport, and the crack-down on prostitution that led to the 2003 Prostitution Law Reform Bill. She adds “Desired” draws on the neo-noir genre and is a homage to some of her favorite films.

“This film is about also about pushing the boundaries in performance and cinematography. It puts audience members in a ‘fly-on-the-wall’ position and they become witnesses to an extraordinary story, exploring the good and bad sides of human nature.”
“Desired” is about a high end prostitute whose life is turned around when she marries a Police Detective. Love alone isn’t enough to keep them together and they must face a reality that is the dangerous, drug-fueled world of street prostitution where a curb-crawling serial killer targets prostitutes.
Amanda says keeping a strong artist merit through the film with limited budget and tight production time-frames was one of the many challenges she faced in making “Desired”, as was securing experienced actors and crew.
“We constantly looked for ways to be innovative and we were forced to turn obstacles faced during shooting into assets that added to the story.”

 The screenplay for “Desired” was written by Amanda and D.F. Mamea, and is being produced by
Caleb and Amanda Phillips, and Amber Smith. The production team also includes Qantas winning art director Johnny Hawkins and international editor Bernadette Kelly.

The father-and-son writing-producing team of Lance Morcan and James Morcan are Executive Producers. Their first feature film, “The Pawn”, which premiered at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival last August, will next screen at the Imperia Film Festival in Italy this week.

 “Desired” was shot entirely on location in Auckland City by Cinematographer Jarod Murray.

Links on which you can find out more about the film:

Facebook Page:

MDb Page:

Auckland Scoop:

Friday, April 15, 2011

"For Alan" has been nominated for best documentary at British Independent Film Festival

My doco "For Alan" has been nominated for best documentary at British Independent Film Festival

FOR ALAN - TRAILER from Dimi Nakov on Vimeo.

The British Independent Film Festival announces those nominated for awards!

British Independent Film Festival 2011 will be held at the Poole Lighthouse Cinema in Dorset on May 6th and 7th. The festival has grown since its inaugural year in 2010 and will be screening over two days, with more feature films and short films than ever before!
Screening Times For Films
Friday 6th May

Short Film Screening (1) - 6.15pm - 8.15pm

Broken Glass
The Birthday Circle
The Birdman of Tamworth
Vacant Possession
Lay Down and Die  (Music Video)
Do Men Die of Cancer or Embarrassment
Best Before
Way Back When
Little White Lies

Risen - (Feature Film) - 8.30 - 10.30pm (not in competition)

Networking 10.30pm - 12 midnight

Screening Times For Films
Saturday 7th May
 The Calling   (Feature film)- 10.30am - 12.30pm
Masterpiece (Feature film) - 1pm - 3pm

Short Film Screening (2) - 3.20pm -  5.15pm
For Alan
A Little Brighter (Music Video)
The Last Duel
The Golden Boy
Dan - Driven to Succeed
Take Your Medicine
Love at First Sight


Whatever happened to Pete Blaggit (Feature Film)  - 6.15pm - 7.50pm
 Lovelorn  (Feature Film) - 8pm - 10pm

AWARDS - 10.15pm - 11pm


British Lion Award - Best Achievement in Film
The Golden Boy
Way Back When

Best Feature Film
The Calling
Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit

Best Short Film
All Short Films

Best Music Video
Take your medicine
A little Brighter
Lay Down and Die

Best Documentary
Dan Driven to succeed
For Alan
The Birdman of Tamworth

Best Director
Becky Preston - Lovelorn
Andrew Tanner - Masterpiece
Max Myers - Watching
Michael Davies - Love at First Sight

Best Actor
Rob Leetman - Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit
Mark Paul Wake - Masterpiece
Philip James - Lovelorn

Best Actress
Emily Beecham - The Calling
Gabrielle Amies - Whatever Happened to Pete Blaggit
Olivia Chappell - Lovelorn

Best Short Film Actor
John Hurt - Love at First Sight
Ian Harte - Watching
Philip Jackson - The Golden Boy

Best Short Film Actress
Phyllida Law - Love at First Sight
Christine Bottomley - Little White Lies
Alle Grace - Broken Glass

Best Cinematography
Love at first sight

Best New Screenplay
Body Count 1968
Written by: Martha Pinson  

Festival manager Jacqueline Cockerill was very pleased with the buzz surrounding the festival.
"It's been incredible the amount of support we are getting from the industry. Festivals like this one help put independent film-making on the map and also promote the industry in general, so we're keen to continue building this festival each year and hope audiences enjoy the event as much as we enjoy putting it on."
She continued: "We have a varied selection of films this year, all with great stories and incredible film-making talent behind them. We are also proud to announce that the winner of the Newport International Film Festival, will be screening each year at the British Independent Film Festival, as part of the Official Selection, but 'Out of Competition'. This year it is the British boxing drama 'Risen'.
 Tickets are available from the Poole Lighthouse Arts Centre, or from

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're invited to the FIRST ever CROWD Event!!!!

You're invited to the first ever CROWD event.

The aim of CROWD is to support the development of the independent filmmaking community in Auckland, to discuss how we can self-distribute our films using new tools that pay filmmakers first.

CROWD welcomes anyone with an interest in independent film distribution whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, director, writer, video blogger, exhibitor, distributor, student or just curious.

On Tuesday 19th April, CROWD will be held for the very first time, and it would be great if you could join us at Roasted Addiqtion, Kingsland.

Drop by anytime between 5.00pm and 7.00pm and look for a group of people having interesting discussions, making connections, sharing ideas, collaborating… and drinking tea.

After our first meeting, CROWD will be held every second Tuesday evening.

Please RSVP.

For more information: 

Visit Lewis Bostock’s blog:
Twitter: @LewisBostock

Please feel free to share this email and invite others to join us at CROWD

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