Wednesday, December 9, 2015

FilmMakers Generation Next - Making A Difference

"Dream it, Make It, Share It With The World..."
"Filmmaking should not be about male vs female, film vs digital,budget vs no budget. Should not be about picking a side and trying to justify it. Making films and the idea of making films is about all of us (filmmakers and audiences), about everyone no matter what colour,financial status,equipment or anything else that divides us or makes us unique and/or puts us in a particular category/box to be easily identifiable for convenience and to belong somewhere for the sake of belonging. The truth is we all belong in many categories at the same time and most of all the motion picture category that unites us.
Well just like life itself, filmmaking is not simple and yet the idea behind it is very simple. The idea is for us by making films to dream,motivate,educate,inspire,question,explore our existence,push boundaries,challenge ourselves and others and constantly reminding ourselves what it is to be human. Its about the craft and the people that join their passions,talent,believes and desires to tell a story and communicate it to the world through motion pictures and sound.
It saddens me when i see talented people being denied Or denying themselves the opportunity to make their dreams come true because of the lack of money or the misguided notion that the latest 4k,8k Ultra HD or a 70mm film camera is the answer to their prayers for the masterpiece they have dreamed of for a while or because of their gender or colour or that money and connections are the answer to making a great film or artwork. Also empowers me to keep going forward when i see artists,people that prevail despite all the brick walls and obstacles that life has put before them. And yet we are constantly pushed into a situation that we have to choose a side at some point.
All this picking sides and going for one or the other hurts the one thing that matters most, the one thing that we all signed up for and that is, the artwork in question, the film, the industry,the society that we all share.All of this divides us, It hurts us all and we are all responsible for it, but also we have the power to change all of this and build a future that generations after us will be proud of. Stop pointing fingers at each other and blaming one another for anything and everything that stands in your way to make your dream come true. Make a difference by putting all differences aside." - Dimi Nakov (FGN Inc. Founder/Chairman)

FilmMakers Generation Next - Making A Difference

"Dream it, Make It, Share It With The World..."
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