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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


DIMI NAKOV - Director Reel 2016 from ZODIAC ENTERTAINMENT on Vimeo.

Just a quick montage of some of my work over the last few years. 
Below are the projects featured in this reel in no particular order:

* ARA - Sci-Fi Thriller Feature - Promo Teaser
* BlindSide - Short Drama/Thriller Film
* Devilskin - Start A Revolution (Music Video)
* Devilskin - Little Pills (Music Video)
* Playmates - Short Crime/Thriller Film
* The Psychologist - Short Comedy Film
* Bill Crisp - Monologues (Blindate and Mother In Law)
* Jennie Cruse - Outlander (Music Video)
* Mark Tronson - Keep The Cards (Music Video)
* TNT - Casa Del Tango (Music Video)

Music by:
Severe Tire Damage Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Copyright Zodiac Entertainment Ltd 2016

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Huge Thank You To We are moving stories - your daily fix​ for the awesome interview about our little sci-fi adventure. Please go and check "We Are Moving Stories" Website and facebook group page to read about many other "moving stories". 



What TV Show i can pick as my Top favourite? To be honest i have many favourites for different reasons. Below in no particular order you will find the TV Shows i consider to be my favourites.
What are yours? Comment Below with your Top 3 most favourite TV Shows, your name and the country you are from and I will Post Them below With Your Name Above Your Choices..

*Game Of Thrones

*The Walking Dead

*Fear Of The Walking Dead

*Breaking Bad

*The Black List

*House Of Cards

*The 100

*Falling Skies 

*12 Monkeys

*The Expanse 







*Twin Peaks 

*The Wire 

*The Simpsons 

*The Sopranos 


*True Detective 


*Mr. Robot 

*Battlestar Galactica 

*Prison Break 


*Life On Mars 

*Person Of Interest

*The Man In The High Castle

Comment Below with your Top 3 most favourite TV Shows, your name and the country you are from and I will Post Them below With Your Name Above Your Choices..

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

FGN Inc. Partnering with MDFF 2016

Very exciting times for FGN Inc. partnering with the "Melbourne Documentary Film Festival" (MDFF) for their 2016 edition. -
" The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2016 " (MDFF2016) guide and tickets are live. Enjoy some great films and networking opportunities that could last a lifetime. FGN Inc. is proud to be one of the many supporters of ‪#‎MDFF2016‬.
MDFF2016 Fest Guide =>>

MDFF2016 Tickets =>>

MDFF on Twitter:
FGN Inc. FB Page =>>

Also You Can Join the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival volunteer team of 14! Send your CV and covering letter to by 30/06/2016.

ARA - Promo/Teaser Official Selection for WIND International Film Festival 2016

Huge Thank You to WIND International Film Festival 2016 for selecting our little Promo Teaser to screen at this year event in Hollywood. Also Congrats to our awesome Cast, Crew and supporters, while we are working hard to get our ambitious film a step closer to the finish line.
WIFF2016 - Twitter Page:

SAR - Official Selection for SIFF 2016

Huge Congrats to Devilskin and everyone involved in the making of "Start A Revolution" music video for the official selection from SouthEastern International Film Festival 2016. SIFF received over 2000 entries from 93 countries and SAR is one of the official selections for the 2016 edition.

SIFF was founded by many independent filmmakers from all over the United States in an effort to make independent film more prevalent in smaller towns across the Southeast and help foster connections between film-making professionals across the globe.

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I am very proud to be part of the international screening committee for BEYOND BORDERS: DIVERSITY IN CANNES​ Presented by American Publicist and Event Producer, Yolonda Brinkley​, with support from RLJ Entertainment’s Urban Movie Channel, ZODIAC ENTERTAINMENT​ Ltd., Cinema du Cannes Project, Film TV Diversity, Purple Reels and Leonard Green's Digital Slang Comics, in two parallel sections, the Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase will present 15 films in competition, selected by an international screening committee of diverse film industry executives including Whitney Davis of CBS Entertainment Diversity. 

The general showcase will celebrate the work of talented filmmakers who give life to globally diverse characters and stories, with messages that transcend boundaries. 

Huge congrats to all filmmakers that have submitted their works and especially to the selected films that will screen during the Diversity in Cannes in May 2016. 


The general showcase will celebrate the work of talented filmmakers who give life to globally diverse characters and stories, with messages that transcend boundaries. 
  1. Antoine by Cyrus Neshvad (Luxembourg)
  2. Arthur by Alberto Meroni (Switzerland)
  3. Bound for Greatness by James Gadd (USA)
  4. Genghis Khan Conquers The Moon by Kerry Yang (USA)
  5. Olde E by Xavier Neal-Burgin (USA)
  6. Silence by Elena Brodach (Russia)
  7. Wrestling Za'atari by Daniel B. Levitt (Jordan)
The Women in Formation edition, will give special distinction to female filmmakers who depict honest images of the feminine voice in film.
  1. Ablution (Wuzu) by Parisa Barani (Iran)
  2. ANNA by Harriett Maire (New Zealand)
  3. B Love by Shahari Moore (USA)
  4. Debris-Escombros by Mary-Lyn Chambers (USA)
  5. Hev√™rk (the Circle/le Cercle) by Ruken Tekes (Turkey)
  6. Murmur by Aurora Fearnley (UK)
  7. Next by Elena Broadach (Russia)
  8. Pale Blue by Abigail McFarlane (USA)
The Diversity in Cannes Short Film Showcase International Screening Committee, had the awesome task of determining the official selections from a record number of submissions from 29 countries including Aruba, Belgium, Cameroon, Cuba, Lebanon and New Zealand.  Films will be screened at a private event during the 69th Festival de Cannes and final winners will be selected by jury and announced during an awards ceremony immediately following the showcase.
The 2016 installment is Monday, May 16 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, 2 boulevard Jean Hilbert Cannes, France 06414. Additional details about the Diversity In Cannes Diversity Day 2016 are forthcoming.  In the interim, for more information or to support the movement, email at, visit or follow on social media @diversencannes (Twitter, IG, Periscope).

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Join Our SciFi Little Big Movie On #Instagram

Join (ARA - The Movie) on #Instagram for some exclusive promo material =>> ( @ara_movie ) OR use the URL - 

Our Hash-Tags Are >> ‬ ‪#‎ARATheMovie‬ ‪#‎OurDreamsOurFuture‬ ‪#‎SciFi‬ ‪#‎VR‬ ‪#‎AR‬

We are looking for post production wizards to join our exciting journey to the big screen.

We have financial packages for equity investors and brands/companies that are interested in product placement/branding in our movie. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

FilmMakers Generation Next - Making A Difference

"Dream it, Make It, Share It With The World..."
"Filmmaking should not be about male vs female, film vs digital,budget vs no budget. Should not be about picking a side and trying to justify it. Making films and the idea of making films is about all of us (filmmakers and audiences), about everyone no matter what colour,financial status,equipment or anything else that divides us or makes us unique and/or puts us in a particular category/box to be easily identifiable for convenience and to belong somewhere for the sake of belonging. The truth is we all belong in many categories at the same time and most of all the motion picture category that unites us.
Well just like life itself, filmmaking is not simple and yet the idea behind it is very simple. The idea is for us by making films to dream,motivate,educate,inspire,question,explore our existence,push boundaries,challenge ourselves and others and constantly reminding ourselves what it is to be human. Its about the craft and the people that join their passions,talent,believes and desires to tell a story and communicate it to the world through motion pictures and sound.
It saddens me when i see talented people being denied Or denying themselves the opportunity to make their dreams come true because of the lack of money or the misguided notion that the latest 4k,8k Ultra HD or a 70mm film camera is the answer to their prayers for the masterpiece they have dreamed of for a while or because of their gender or colour or that money and connections are the answer to making a great film or artwork. Also empowers me to keep going forward when i see artists,people that prevail despite all the brick walls and obstacles that life has put before them. And yet we are constantly pushed into a situation that we have to choose a side at some point.
All this picking sides and going for one or the other hurts the one thing that matters most, the one thing that we all signed up for and that is, the artwork in question, the film, the industry,the society that we all share.All of this divides us, It hurts us all and we are all responsible for it, but also we have the power to change all of this and build a future that generations after us will be proud of. Stop pointing fingers at each other and blaming one another for anything and everything that stands in your way to make your dream come true. Make a difference by putting all differences aside." - Dimi Nakov (FGN Inc. Founder/Chairman)

FilmMakers Generation Next - Making A Difference

"Dream it, Make It, Share It With The World..."
FGN Inc. Facebook Page <>>
FGN Inc. On Twitter <>>
FGN Inc. On Vimeo <>>

Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Name Will Be On Insight Flight Mission To Mars

This is so exciting to have my name amongst many others to be part of this journey to Mars. 
There is time to submit your name until the 8th of September 2015 and get your boarding pass with your name on it. 
NASA Sign Up Page:

Here is My Boarding Pass:

There are some useful links below to find out more about the mission to Mars.

Introduction to Mission Insight:

Here is the participation rankings amongst the countries around the world:

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