Wednesday, September 26, 2018

RECTIFIED and THOSE LAST MOMENTS - FINALISTS at Austin Revolution Film Festival 2018

Thank You to Austin Revolution Film Festival 2018 for the FINALISTS Selection of our Short #SciFi #Screenplays "RECTIFIED" and "THOSE LAST MOMENTS" (Runner Up) - written by #JeanMarcello and Dimi Nakov. We are extra excited because We have 2 Screenplays Selected as Finalists.

We have been working for a while on several screenplays, that are now circulating selected script competitions and fests and we are also hard at work in the development of several other projects, so stay tuned.

Also, Huge Thank You to Marla J. Hayes, Screenwriter/author for the support and advice as a Script Consultant for both #RECTIFIED and #THOSELASTMOMENTS.


Bringing true indie films to Austin! ARFF was founded by filmmakers who saw many festivals only programming films with big stars. In response, they built a true celebration of independent voices in the world capital of indie film, with a brand based on selecting great stories, screening films in the coolest venues, creating excellent networking opportunities and keeping filmmakers – the true stars of the show – front and centre throughout the fest.


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