Monday, July 12, 2010


 Earthwire Productions Presents 
" Journey of A Story "

Journey of a Story follows the life of William Brown, a fictional New Zealand serviceman both physically and emotionally damaged by his tour of duty in Europe and time as a Prisoner of War during World War II.  Returning home, William finds a very different world to the one he left behind.  Forced to leave the home he planned to enjoy with his wife Lily and young son James, William struggles to cope until an observant War Pension medical officer convinces William to take up writing.  Fueled with a new passion for life, William finally finds a road to success, in ways he could not possibly imagine.
The story is told to from the elderly William's point of view, as he relays his story to a young theatre director attempting to bring William's life to the stage.

Journey of a Story Official Trailer and Donation Hyper Link:

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Executive Producer
Kay Rayner

Produced and Directed 
Jonathan Rayner - Burt

Chantal Rayner - Burt

Director of Photography
Dimi Nakov

Journey of a Story Official Trailer:

We want to thank everyone involved in making of JOAS ...You are part of the film and without your help it wont be possible for this beautiful story to become reality...We cant wait to show it on the big screen for you to enjoy...BECOME a FAN and SUPPORT INDIE FILM MAKING...THANK YOU...

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