Thursday, July 8, 2010


WOUND PREMIERE 20th of July 


WOUND is the new fantasy/horror film by Kiwi Cult director, David Blyth. The film has already drawn controversy (due to it’s disturbing imagery) with groups recently trying to ban the release of the film. The movie has since past the Chief Censor and is set to Premiere 20 July as part of the New Zealand International Film Festival. A Q/A session with the director is planned for after the film.

David Blyth's Quote:
"Wound is like a fever dream, the violence is theatrical, symbolic and surreal and indeed harken's back to the violence described in Greek Mythology, which are psychological journeys, WOUND will be viewed individually. in so much as everyone's own life experience will color how they perceive the film."

 Tickets are expected to go quickly so make your purchases now:

The Trailer.

The film is currently also scheduled to play at;

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival

The UK’s prestigious Fright Festival

With David Blyth’s international cult following, many more festivals are already showing great interest in screening the film. Online film blogs continue to grow daily, promoting this David Lynch/ Alejandro Jodorowsky inspired horror.

There are no current plans for WOUND to screen in New Zealand outside the NZFF, so be sure to attend this once in a lifetime film experience.

See you there!

Additional links.

Official Facebook page.

Facebook Invitation Page

Screening Info.


  1. Should be bloody good mate...but I will have to wait until it comes out on DVD...

  2. Thanks and it will be very interesting film to watch..Nothing you have seen before..

    Thanks for the comment..


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