Friday, April 29, 2011



The life-cycle of a butterfly (and moth for that matter) is a remarkable series of changes between seemingly very different forms culminating in the emergence of a butterfly. Throughout nature there are fantastic and fascinating occurrences of many kinds. The metamorphosis of an egg to a butterfly is just one of those wonders.

This post is for this little creature which caught my eye yesterday when i was walking my dog Rex.We almost stepped on this beauty,while Rex was sniffing every single inch of the walkway.Its like the story about the beauty and the beast but drive through style with the speed of the fast and furious 5.

If I am the unsuspected beast and the Butterfly is the unsuspected but obvious beauty,that scenario can work.Well between me and my dog we make one beautiful perfect beast with very human and animal big loving heart.

Well initially i would walk past it and just will keep minding my own business,but i stopped and took few photos.The butterfly was close to the walkway so i placed it under a tree away from harms way,then me and Rex continued our walk.

I couldn't stop thinking of the butterfly and how beautiful it looked in comparison with the rainy and cloudy weather.So the next day i was going past the same spot hoping the butterfly will be there again so i can take more pictures and place it in our back yard and keep her safe so she can live her life or whatever is left of it in piece, and not being ran over by something or pissed on by a dog or stepped on by someone else's shoe.haha

The day after i took those photos of The Butterfly i was feeling a bit guilty that i took photos and locking The Butterfly's beauty  in a frame still shot in this moment in time without permission, and didn't do anything in return.So going back and taking few more photos and taking The Butterfly to safety seemed a very good idea. 

I was imagining if i was that little thing : What would i think being handled and carried somewhere without knowing what will happen?.Or as it happens if i was butterfly i wouldn't think anything. I would just react on whats going on and will be shitting my pants sort of speaking.

Its remarkable what two hours of your life,concentrated on something so fragile and beautiful can do to you and how you feel.And let me tell you I feel good just being able to take few photos of this butterfly and record a moment of her life which otherwise passes by without notice.

I feel like this butterfly sometimes, how small and how fragile we all are.Life goes on, and we live our lives with some kind of purpose, or some people with no purpose at all.Which is worse i guess is up to a debate. My point is that little things matter .Also just like with the butterfly it will be so cool, when you think that you are all alone, and there is no help around, and you dont see a reason to go further, right then and there someone or something will stop in their busy walk of life and take a moment to help you.


Now THE BUTTERFLY is enjoying the backyard tree and also the company of my puppy REX.
Rex is like her bodyguard and big brother. Maybe a bit smelly when wet, but very loyal.



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