Sunday, June 20, 2010

THE BEACH CHILDREN Documentary by Sean Loftin and Skye Clark


The Beach Children is a kids and camera film set in the impoverished beach village of La Boquilla, Colombia. It is here that we follow the life of 9 year old Jeffrey and his group of friends as they struggle through poverty and strive for the basics that others take for granted – clean drinking water, an education & medical services. These children will take us for a journey through their own short films and we will get an intimate insight into their lives and their unique upbeat perspective.

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Although Jeffrey and his friends have little in the way of material goods they share an abundance of joy and passion which many in the developed world can learn from. This documentary aims to show what it takes to maintain such a positive outlook despite daily hardships, the hope being that the stories of these children will inspire the viewer to consider what is of fundamental importance in life. 


We have now booked our flights and leave the 15th of July! That is just 4 weeks away!  Everything is moving quickly ahead. We have had some support from family and friends in helping us with ideas for fundraising.


We desperately need your help to raise money for the children’s camera equipment. These are the cameras that the children will use to make their films on. Ideally we would like 3 camcorders that are robust enough but also of enough quality to show of the children’s creativity. Three cameras means the children can share one between two children.
The cameras that we would like to purchase are Sanyo and they cost $500 each.
We’d be so appreciative if you could help us with this. If everybody was able to donate $5 it would all add up and we could cover the cost of this equipment.
We are really looking forward to making this film happen and would love you to be a part of it. 
Please visit The beach children Website  website If you would like to make a donation please follow the PayPal link on the website or contact me or Skye at:

Skye Clark

Bank ACC: 06-0901-0281209-01
Sean Loftin
 With much gratitude
Skye and Sean.
ph. 0210 259 4894

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