Sunday, June 13, 2010

James Crompton - Actor ,Musician

About James Crompton

James has played since the Temple Days in pubs around Auckland - The Temple, The Atrium Bar, The Kings Arms, The Dogs Bollix, The Brix Bar, The All Nations Tavern, The Kumeu Folk Festival, Corsa Cafe, Grand Central, Safari Lounge, Vamilla Bar. He has released his first album "The Karmic Loo" which is available for download on or from him for $15 or $20 + P&P depending on whether you want a detailed album sleeve with lyrics or just a cover photo. His second album "The Man From Babylon" will be out soon. He has been writing songs since 1997, that's not ocunting one he wrote when he was about 10 years old. He is also an actor and has appeared in many commercials and films. Labelled as tone deaf when he was young, he taught himself piano and guitar. Rock music had to be a closet thing when he was young cos his family didn't approve, so when he finally got the courage to go and buy a guitar a whole new world opened up for him. Before it was just dancing in front of the mirror but now he could be a real rockstar. To be honest I just do me music for fun but I just cant seem to put it down and damn it people keep encouraging me. So I thought I'd record the songs just to have a record of them and in case someone likes them and they go somewhere. I am by no means a great musician, but I am a bit of fun, well some of the time. Actually some of my songs are a bit sad, I guess it's a cathartic thing. To be honest they are just really snapshots, like photographs of things in my life I guess, feelings, people, ideas, experiences. You never know how it comes out and what it means to people. I welcome comments.

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