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Little bit About Frozen Alice:

Frozen Alice on Myspace:

Hey everyone, well 2009 was the most successful yeah for us by far, but is nothing in comparison to what we're planning for 2010. Thanks to everyone who has been sending us awesome comments and supporting us in anyway shape or form, you are the best!
I won’t reveal too much about the upcoming few months, but suffice to say, if you've been anxiously waiting for a release date on our album, your wait will soon be at an end
Peace and love

Frozen Alice is a 4-piece Auckland based progressive rock-group. They first established themselves as Remains of a Day in early 2004, a 6 piece metal band. Only 3 members (Mark: Vocals, Ozzy: Guitar and Ryan: Drums) of that line up remain with the addition of a new bass player (Billy).They officially became Frozen Alice at the beginning of 2009.

Progressive rock (or as the band puts it, Bipolar rock – feel rock). The drum and bass section makes for a solid and powerful sound. Sometimes hard, sometimes soft, but always with ‘feel’. Their songs are filled with interesting time signatures that they execute seamlessly. Solid grooves with commercially acceptable hooks, while still maintaining a darker sound. Vocals express complex lyrical ideas open to interpretation that often follow the bipolar nature of the music.

“I think our style is really unique in a sense that we all listen to different music but are writing collaboratively which gives us a weird fusion. I don’t think we are actually trying to fit in to a genre, but more just writing what we feel in the moment, which makes it hard to describe our style” – Ryan.

Frozen Alice has a fresh and unique sound. The music is written in the moment. The band focus on capturing thoughts and feelings rather than writing what is currently popular. The music is eclectic and each song lyrically has its own voice, while overall still maintaining the Frozen Alice ‘signature’. The band’s music offers a much richer and deeper experience than the majority of mainstream rock available today.

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