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All of our members are vouched, vetted and endorsed.  Membership standards and criteria apply. The are no booking fees or commissions, producers simply contact freelancers direct.

What is CREWS.TV?

We are a collective.  Finding the right crew is complicated.  Beyond CVs & websites it’s a personality fit..  often more than skill alone.
In our experience people rely on direct referrals from people they trust when their regulars are unavailable or have exhausted preferred lists.
We are a real network, every member is invited or endorsed by another member.  Members  pay an annual fee making the site free of annoying advertising.  Members promote the collective via word-of-mouth.

For the producer,

Peace of mind
Vouched members means less risk in trying someone new.  More importantly, its credibility all the information is constantly peer reviews and admin is quick to point our errors or omissions.
A Stress Free Shopping Experience
When shopping for people, speed, accuracy and consistency allows you to quickly navigate through potential candidates.  Our system was designed by producers for producers.  Its actually a bit of fun.
Your identity is protected
An employers’ identity will never be  revealed to the public, other members or competitors.   Our list is not for sale.  Members pay for that privilege.
Tap into a Network of real people
People who work together, socialize, network, share information, love their jobs and believe in their industry.  They are good people with common goals.  Membership in this site shows a sense of community, team, confidence and pride.


Peace of Mind
Passing on jobs is risky.  The CREWS.TV infrastructure gives you the tools to make more informed decisions.
Access to Top Producers
Our visitors come from all over.  Search engines, promotions, advertising and other traditional methods.  More than 50% are however direct referrals from the actual membership, which as you know are of a an extremely high caliber.  We know they start here, we also know they end here.
We get you work?
No, we are not your agent.  We are  a freelance collective so being invited or having a sponsor is really just the first step.  We share information, are active in emerging technologies and yes we network and share jobs.  Our brand is something we take very seriously so please read our philosophies before applying and make sure you are a proper fit.
We take the brand we created very seriously, this is in everyone’s interest.
Value for Money
We are boutique.  We are not about volume but rather quality.  Some returns simply pay for themselves, others are priceless and some may take a while.  We are not just about casting the net wider; we are about placement.  We are about opportunities and getting a look in.  We are about flashing a name and a short summary or even a show-reel under the eyes of very busy people on a relatively short list.
Getting in is not easy, we admit that,  the fees to do reflect too.  We weed out the dreamers so that we can present solutions to clients who expect results from crew who are confident, experienced and personable.

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