Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flavio Garozzo aka Andrew Fly - Film Maker,Musician,3D Animator

Hi Everyone,

My  name is Flavio Garozzo and I was born in Catania (Sicily). Age of 5 I started playing music though by my father and then I continued on my own. During my childhood instead of studying I have spent my life watching films and commercials. For my 16 years I formed a rock combo with Daniel Strange and then I did call Andrew Fly. Meanwhile, I worked as a DJ Groove Master Dance and composing music in 2005 I made my first soundtrack. In 2009 I collaborated with Dimi Nakov Moonlight Sonada together creating a dark history.Today soundtracks sell online and I am proud to join the team FMGN. 

Andrew Fly - YouTube Page   

Andrew Fly - Website

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