Wednesday, May 16, 2012


16th May 2012

After a very very long day yesterday i managed to have some sleep.Well few hours the least.With the changes of the time zones and my excitement I managed to wake up at 4am then 6am and both times i couldn't fall to sleep so i just finished editing my 45sec Show-Reeel which i couldn't finish the day before,because my eyes just couldn't stay open.

So had a really early start today. Prepared all promo material i needed for the day and headed off to the festival.My plan for today is to go to the Short Film Corner and book a screening room for BLINDSIDE so we can officially say the the film Premiered at Cannes Short Film Corner as Part of the 65th Festival de Cannes 2012.

BLINDSIDE World Premiere at Cannes Short Film Corner.
The Screening of BLINDSIDE at Cannes Short Film Corner is on 18th of May 2012 at 4pm.
Contact Dimi if you want to book a seat here at Cannes Short Film Corner for BLINDSIDE World Premiere.

If anyone present here at Cannes wants to see the short film leave a message or comment here bellow the post or message me on facebook or email me if u know my email.I will check all of those sites to see if anyone is happy to come to BLINDSIDE screening.

Then i can get myself settled at New Zealand Film Commission Office right outside the festival.Lisa Chatfield and NZFC were so kind to help me and offer me a space for my to work from right  next to their office.The space i am at the moment  will be shared by another 21 New Zealand Film Makers including Zia Mandviwalla.Zia is the Director of Short Film Called "NIGHT SHIFT" which is competing at the Short Film corner as part of the competition section.
This the look from the NZFC Office where i am at the moment.
I am trying not to be distracted by the view i have from the NZFC Office here.

So now is around 1pm here local time and i managed to put few of the promo material prints around the place for others to have a look.

I am quite happy how much work i have done so far and i have another half a day to go so i will see what else i can manage.

For now i have to re-organize/update my schedule because few other things came up.

Also i caught a few shots of few Renault Cars.Renault is a official sponsor of the festival so it was awesome to see their new 100% electrical mini car..Its so small.haha

So cute and small and 100% Electrical.So cute.

Will update this post later today.
Stay tuned.

New Zealand Represent

All shots of me will be this angle.Thats the downside of not having another pair of hands to help u with full body shots.haha

I wish i had time to go to the beach.Plus i dont have my beach gear.Well if i have time i can try to think of something.

This is just a small tiny section of the festival right next to the short film corner

Managed to stop for half an hour and have some delicious French Pizza at New York Restaurant right next to the Festival Entry.Well 100m from it.

I got a shot at Sacha Baron Cohen with his two bodyguards and the photographer taking shots of him while going to Festival Entry

I so want to watch this film.The original with Arnold Schwarzenegger was awesome.



  1. Omg, looks sooooo amazing...! Love the pics too! So looks like you're settling in okay, and what a view you have. Beautiful! Well, we're all thinking about you back here, Dimi, and wish you well my friend.

  2. Thank you guys.I will keep updating with whats happening.So much to do.The schedule here is very tight and its not possible to see absolutely everything.I wish i can be on few places at once.


  3. Awesome Dimi. It all looks to die for! Nice food, drink, people and your passion in life! Now I don't know about you....but wouldn't it just top it off with an award!!! What an awesome opportunity! I am yet to find out for the first time what to expect at the V48 Competition this weekend. No doubt...we'll be jumping up and down here till you get want to here it all from yourself. Take care! Keep those pics coming!!! Nikki

  4. Love your blog about Cannes. Keep up the good work.


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