Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cannes Pre-Opening Day

I really feel for the people who travel a lot.Its not something i would enjoy doing unless i am business class or first class all the time.Those buggers have it very comfy there.haha

Well we made it team!!! Now we are in Cannes.So whats the latest update?

After 23 and a half hours flying and another 5-6 hours running around the airports i arrived in Cannes this morning 15th of May 2012 around 9:08am. 

From Nice i took a bus which dropped us off right in the middle of Cannes.That was good.It cost me 26 Euro from Nice and return,so two way 26 Euro for the bus.

Then i took a cab from Cannes to the hotel i booked accommodation.The hotel is only 4km from the festival,but i was buggered and couldn't be bothered to walk to the hotel with the luggage.

Well i did a walk later and its worth walking along the beach and stopping at all shops and if i had money would spend a bit on souvenirs..haha

Earlier that day i had some funny feeling and something always goes wrong and i dont know if jinxed it or not when i arrived at the hotel and handed my conformation of the booking for the room,the receptionist went at the back and took her few minutes to come out.

I waited and waited and then i though please let me be wrong and nothing is wrong with the booking.The lady came out and said.Well when we tried to charge ur account the transaction didn't went through and thats why the booking was cancelled,but since you are here and if u can pay the full amount then we have a free room and u will be ok.

I knew my account is fine and must be some error when they tried to charge my account so it was like huge huge weight came down off my shoulders and i felt so thankful that things worked out anyway.

So i paid the full amount which was close to 1,200 Euros for the whole duration of the festival.

To be honest that made me so happy.Now its around 10:30am and i just almost had an heart attack with the accommodation which got solved and now i am starving,but decided to unpack and have a shower and then hit some french place and have a feed.
Then i would go and get my badge and a bag full with info for the festival and etc.

By 5pm i managed to get it all sorted and now i can get into editing the final bits of my 45sec showreel for Le Pitch on Wed 23rd of May 9:45am.I will prepare 3 projects i am happy to pitch and will decide in the morning which one will be the lucky one.

Also have to do final prep for all promo material for the few projects we want to get some attention from film professionals.

It was a busy pre-opening arrival day in Cannes and i can feel the eyes are closing slowly.I must be running on adrenaline the last few hours.A good dinner and early departure to bed is in order today.

Tonight i will try to get some invites to more workshops and events so i can mingle with more people and see what we can can work on in the future with some of them.

Will be back soon.




  1. Ah how exciting it all is! Next time I'm coming with you :))

  2. Excitement! Congrats, Dimi, on getting to Cannes this year. All the best for the rest of the festival xx

  3. Thank you so much guys.Hope we can catch up soon..Cheers


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