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17th of May 2012

I saw some celebs taking shots in front of this back drop and i decided why not get mine as well.Done.

I want to describe this adventure more as a working holiday.What i mean by that is that every day i wake up have a brakfast which some times when i work it doesn't happen.In this case i have the time to have a breakfast.Thats a very important difference.I also dont have a start time so i can sleep in a bit.Not too long because if i want to be able to do more i need to use the whole day.

Red Carpet behind me where the celebs are going in for their movies.

Also being here in this awesome and glamorous environment you dont feel tired until the end of the day.The adrenaline and excitement keeps you going all day.

Maybe if i have time i can have a few hours on the beach.The weather in Cannes can change just like in Auckland at this time of the year.Its not full summer season yet but the weather is hot and so awesome.So Fingers Crossed for summer weather all the time while we are here.

This is the beach side of the Village International - Reviera.All those gazebos/Pavilions are pavilions for Countries from all over the world.I went and visited quite a few and in the next week or so will try to visit all of them.

There is so much to do and see that if you are not well organized then you miss a lot.
About me i am not sure how much i am missing but i am trying to do the most of it.To have good organization and to be able to handle the amount of info thrown at you then you need a PA and your PA needs a PA.So I am kind of trying to relax and do things one by one and i hope there always will be a next year for us here in Cannes.

Cannes Marina

Paparazzi,Camera Light Action and lots of people waiting for their favorite celebs to show up and they can try to wrestle for the best shot they can get.
So back to me saying whats happening today.

I went to check out BLINDSIDE at the digital Library and took a few shots there.Also cant wait for the screening tomorrow 18th of May at 4pm.Also i met a person cinema owner from Germany at the hotel where i am staying who said that he will come to BLINDSIDE screening.

BLINDSIDE at Cannes Short Film Corner Digital Library

BLINDSIDE at Cannes Short Film Corner Digital Library
Also gave him Journey of a Story Post card and business card of Earthwire Productions.Fingers crossed he come and maybe he can requests JOAS to be screened in Germany.Fingers crossed.I really want this trip to work out for everyone i know and i am doing my best to do so.

BLINDSIDE at Cannes Short Film Corner Digital Library
BLINDSIDE at Cannes Short Film Corner Digital Library
Thank you everyone for helping me to get here.I will do everything possible to make the most of this trip in a long run.Nothing is guaranteed but we have to try and keep trying every day.

Today the morning is the same as any other.After me getting to NZFC Office at La Croisette and did my emailing and online work i headed off to the Cannes Village International -Riviera,Palais Des Festival and Riviera for look around and to check where exactly are my next workshops in the coming days and do some networking with sales agents,Distribution companies and production companies.

This is the Front side of the Village International - Riviera.You can see all the flags of all countries representing and promoting their films and productions.

Also went down to the warf where all the boats are and it was mind blowing as you can see.Lost of big-huge boats and all look awesome.I wish i can spend a day on one of those and maybe if i ask that could happen.So i dare myself to ask and once i have the courage i will ask.Whats the worse that can happen? I just wont end up on one of those,which is fine.So will try anyway.

Cannes Marina with super yachts and boats from All over the world.

Cannes Marina with super yachts and boats from All over the world.
Cannes Marina with super yachts and boats from All over the world.

Cannes Marina with super yachts and boats from All over the world.

After few chats with distributors,sales agents and few production companies and studios i managed to grab few contact details and also give away few business cards as well.

Cannes Marina with super yachts and boats from All over the world.

On my way out i saw a promo posters and material for a movie with Ray Liotta and another one with Danny Trejo so i went to the sales agent and asked if they are showing any of those movies during the festival.The agnet said that Bad Karma(Ray Liotta) is showing tomorrow 18th of May so i said: " I would love to see it when it comes out." and the Agent said: " Well would you like to see it tomorrow?" I said: " Are you kidding?I would love to see it tomorrow.." The Agent said: Well sir here is an Invite to the film's premiere." 

My ticket invitation for Ray Liotta's new movie Bad Karma.I will see it tomorrow 18th of May.Also to the right is Danny Trejo's new movie BRO.So Kiwi right?haha
Hope i can see BRO as well.

Those are todays Cards and Brochures i collected while doing some networking here and there.And i still have another half of the day to go.

"I said: Wow..Thank you so much."

My ticket invitation for Ray Liotta's new movie Bad Karma.

There is the whole 9 yards of Light Camera Action Happening everywhere outside,inside and behind close doors.Its awesome.And its worth it just being here.

Busy every day for everyone.

LIGHTS,CAMERA ACTION.The whole nine yards here.You can see this happening at every corner most of the time.Especially after lunch and more so late afternoon.

After this i grabbed few business cards from the company just in case and left mine and continued with my walk back to the office with big smile on my face.

Tomorrow is very busy day for me.Workshops all day and screening of BLINDSIDE at 4pm and then i am going to Ray Liotta's film Bad Karma at 17:30pm and then is another conference after 8pm.

So I will have lots to talk about tomorrow as well.

At the moment its 4pm and i have another 3-4 hours of work before i can call the quits for today so i will try update this post later today,but just in case i dont have a chance to do it later i will do it tomorrowSo keep an eye even on posts u have read already.

The internet reception in the hotel is very slow and uploading photos will take a week to upload so i am happy i can do it here from the NZFC Office.

Stay tuned and will have more later in the day or tomorrow.


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