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From Cannes Film Festival 2012
27th-29th May 2012

First i wanted to say to my Granny that we all love you and will never forget you.My mom/your daughter is exactly like you strong and awesome person and the best mom ever.She has it all of that from you and i am happy that she managed to be with you when you needed her.
Thank you for all gifts you send us every year few times a year to be exact and for thinking of us all the time.

In memory of my dear granny who passed away on 26th May 2012.Love you Grandma.

It wasn't easy start of the day in the hotel when i found out that my granny passed away and I am thankful that my mom and my uncle with other family members were there to be with her.My mom had to fly 40 hours from Perth Australia to Bulgaria and get to my Granny's village in South Bulgaria so she can make it in time before my granny passed away. My granny was the strongest woman i have ever known just like my mom.She managed to beat cancer.My granny was told that she has two years to live only about 15 years ago and she managed to beat the cruel desease without doctors and chemo therapy and medication.Just natural medicine and strong will to live and believe in her self that its not her time yet and that she will fight it.And she did.
It is a sad day and we all wish we could be there with my mom to send away granny.Our thoughts and Love are with the whole family back home.


Well bellow are some shots from Nice Airport and that are exhibited Engine and some parts i dont know the names from the F1 Race Car Renault and so it happens just as Cannes Film Festival ended,Monaco Grand Prix Race started.So if you are looking for a great time during this part of the year you got it.Pack the bags with money and fun expectations and you will get it all.

I wish i could go to Monaco and see all those awesome cars and absorb the atmosphere in full for a few weeks.Probably will make some doco while i am there or a music video of some sort.I love mixing it up and on the end of the day filming is my holiday and my holiday involved filming of some sort.

It was interesting how unlucky we all were with the weather for this year of Cannes Film Festival.Usually is sunny and hot all the time but hey weather changes all the time so i guess i feel special that i saw something which doesn't happen every year and thats bad weather during this awesome event.

There was another special thing happening while i was waiting for my flight from Nice to Amsterdam.
I was watching the clock and the deal is that once i arrive in Amsterdam i have 30-45min to board the other aircraft and because of the rain the boarding in Nice kept delaying and delaying.So i was think Shit,I will miss my other flight and so on..Big trouble.More sleeping and getting stuck on airport and who knows how i would be dealing with this if i had to.

I was concerned a bit.haha
Well we boarded 30min later and we were late 30min at AMsterdam Airport.So i had to do a bit of running as you see on the tv show The Amazing Race.To be honest it is hard work and i am not competing with anyone except the lost time so far.
It took me 15min walk and slight jogging with the luggage to get to the passport check and then i can get to the gate for my flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur.

I gave my ticket and passport to the customs officer and he checks it and as i know my luck he says: "Didn't you get any stamps from the french side ?
I said: They didn't gave me any.I didn't thought of that,because i havent traveled overseas since 2002 when i arrived in New Zealand.

He said: We can have big problem here.If i give u a stamp now you will have huge problem because u dont have stamp from the other countries u have passed through.So i wont give u a stamp and hope that doesn't create more trouble down the line on ur way home.
Its not your fault its the French, we dont like when they dont do their job and that could of created big trouble for u and u wouldn't be able to get home.
I had my heart right in my left shoe and after having quite a stressful and emotional start of the day now i almost got a black out.haha
I kind of knew in the back of my mind and i have heard before.Get a stamp every time u cross borders otherwise huge problems and delays while passing the borders and it can take a while to get those issues solved.

So i passed,Thank god for that.haha.So relieved.
I mean i always have some stories to tell everywhere i go or whatever i do.Some are interesting,some are from stupidity and others are just daily clumsy or bad luck type of things happening.


So i was running and stressing all the way while being at Amsterdam airport and didn't manage to take any photos given the fact that i had to get to the boarding gate fast.So i passed the passport checkpoint and then before the gate there was one of those machines that can snif you for drugs and explosives and scan ur body and all sorts of checks.That was awesome..Like in the movies.It just went zoom,zoom left to right once and then i saw myself scanned on a monitor and i was all good to go.No explosives or drugs smells or particles on any of my clothes...Well that the thing i just needed after the stamp huckle before.You can imagine how i felt going to the sniffing/scan machine.haha


So i was happy i got that far and also i have this time plenty of time to spend at the airport before my next flight which is 6 hours later.That will be fun.I will take a nice tour of the place which is huge by the way.You have trains connecting you between the terminals and the sub-airports and there few levels and stuff.

In fact the route and the airlines i am taking from Amsterdam KLM is the same route and Airline me my mom and my brother and sister took when we arrived in New Zealand in 2002.So its kind of a reliving the same thing,but this time by myself and in different circumstances..

What i saw right in the middle of this terminal there was a garden/jungle glass house for people to go in and relax and sit around the outside and just have this green canvas for the brain and the eyes to relax.

So did sit down outside as well as went inside and took a few shots.Now will update the blog and do some more emailing to sales agents and distributors i met at Cannes and got their details.

Bloody hell those flights are long.I couldn't do that all the time unless i am in business class or have two days recover after each flight.Its very exhausting. My whole body feels like its taken the shape of a seat and everything hurts.

But being here outside this small jungle it helps and soon will take a walk and wonder around to pass some time.Can't sit any longer on my bottom.Its starting to hurts ,just like a horse just kicked me in the back.Not that i have or want to be kicked by a horse.haha

I will keep updating this post until i get home and have a nice sleep.

THANK YOU EVERYONE who mad this trip possible and to my family and friends who always supported me and keep supporting me.


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