Monday, May 21, 2012


DAY 4 
19th May 2012

I havent been to the Casino yet and not planning to go but i have to admit from outside its very impressive.I guess all those French stars spend some time and money there.haha

What do we have on the agenda today.?

The weather went a bit towards wellington type of forecast.The wind picked up a bit and there were some overcast moments and some showers,but from what i heard on the back back in a taxi from two french ladies is that the weather will be bad over the weekend. Oh Yes,We shared a taxi because there were so many people waiting on the taxi stand and there were not many taxies so everyone was getting a bit cranky around 11pm last night.So we end up sharing a taxi and talking about New Zealand and Paris and Cannes.

This is the front gate of the Hotel i ma staying and you have seen the inside court yard with the swimming pools in my first Blog.But just in case i will include the photos again bellow.
This is a look from my room on the inside Court Yard of my hotel La Pierre Cannes Beach Vacancies.
So Back to what i am up to today.Not much is happening except i have quite a few workshops and meeting and networking sessions.I will also spend few hours updating the blog with last nights highlights and also will do some prep work on my pitch for Shorts TV - La Pitch next week.

I Managed to edit the last part of my 45 sec showreel which will be part of my two and a half minute Pitch next week then spend few hours finishing my update of the Blog and then had a nice walk on the beach having a nice chocolate croisant.

I went around and placed few more promo cards of blindside trying to get more short filmmakers to watch the film.There are so many of those promo materials and posters and cards.Its just so overwhelming how many filmmakers and how many talented people are here and we have a chance to be at the same place and the same time and meet each other and who know maybe a future productions will come out from those meeting.I am sure that is happening every year and not only here.But being here and being part of this amazing event is a privilege.

I met quite a few short filmmakers and few feature filmmakers.As you do we exchanged business cards and some info about each others works and why we are here and etc.
Business cards are essential and print around 500 so u have some left when u go back home and u can have plenty for here.

My idea of having a post card size promo material for BLINDSIDE and all other projects was correct.Especially the fact that i can fold the card in half and becomes like a booklet and inside i can put two business cards and on the front people can read the fron and back page and also its small and it has to be readable and its pocket size so its easy to carry.

So word of advice: Be creative,innovative and make it simple or complicated but think if it is worth it and how much work is worth investing in promo material and how much money.So simple but effective approach when money is an issue is the best approach i have discovered so far.

I am saying this because i see some promo material really stand out from others and some are too simple and others are too complex or too much work has been put into something which will end up in the rubbish bin.So i guess it all depends for each individual what they think they dont mind to throw away if it dosent end up in someone's pocket or wall at home. What i am saying is that all of this promo is helping to promote each film but its just easily covered by another promo card and u have to keep placing it on the front or placing it on spots where it wont get covered and not being seen at all.

So as u can see BLINDSIDE is always on very prominent spots and it will be always visible.
Promoting your short to other filmmakers is very important as well as talking about your future projects and you dont have much time most of the time.Here is like big train station with fast trains zooming around and people waiting and catching trains constantly and if u cant get all info in very understandable and fast and effective way then it gets lost in space and the other person catches another train and moves one to the next stop.

Police is everywhere.Very polite and very busy with controlling absolutely crazy traffic and turists like myself and also making sure the Festival Area is closed for other traffic and only celebs or authorized vehicles are allowed.

This is the back entrance where celebs are going back to their cars or going to the area where they have dinner and few drinks which i will post a photo bellow later.

 The day concluded with going back to the hotel tired and crashed in my bed and felt asleep immediately.Tomorrow is my Interview for Tony Watts for Festivals Channel at 14:30pm local time.The interview will be about BLINDSIDE and will be held at NZFC Office here in Cannes La Croisette.
I am quite nervous and also excited about it.I hope i will do well.



  1. I'm luvin' the pics, Dimi! Wow, wish I was there with ya to see all the excitement. Looks like you're really getting some promo done - busy little beaver :) Look forward to watching your interview...! Be safe friend and enjoy!

  2. Ditto what Barbara says, Dimi. I wouldn't be able to keep up with you at that hectic pace, but Barbie might wheel me around. :-) Very interesting reports about your days in Cannes. Shine, baby, shine... It sounds pretty frantic, but you're up to it! Best of luck with the interview. You will do fine! Take care and have the time of your life. <3

  3. P.S. Any chance you might post the video of mine and Barbara's SIX-PACK OF BLOOD on this marvelous site? It would mean a lot to both of us, I'm sure. When you get back to reality, of course. Hugs - Betty <3


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