Friday, May 25, 2012


23rd May 2012

What a better way to start the day then with a Happy Birthday wishes for Nicky.
Have an awesome birthday and hope you are spoiling yourself.


The white chair bellow was the chair i was sitting at 09:45am and did a pitch to camera for one of our projects which will be on TV.I hope.I am not sure which TV station yet,but will find out.This is the second time this while i am in Cannes where i did a pitch/interview on Camera.

Practice,practice and thats why i decided to do it as well as try my luck with the pitch and see how i do while i am on camera. The more i do it the better i feel infront of the camera talking about our projects in only 2min:30sec. I had to supply a 45sec show reel or clip and had two and a half minutes to deliver my pitch. I wonder when or what will happen to my first interview for Tony Watts from Festivals Channel.We will see.

The other day some photographer stopped me and asked me to make few shots with me and the day before a lady photographer did the same.I hope i look ok if they will use it for any magazine.

There are quite a few things happening along La Croisette the street which runs along the festival reviera and the beach.

There is group of break dance guys you have seen in one of the previous days,also there are few artists and painters and also there are quick sale on foot guys selling merchandise like hats,glasses or umbrellas and some other stuff.

If the weather is like the previous few days where there was rain and wind then they quickly change what they are selling to umbrellas.They other day the first half of the day was great and in the afternoon the weather was going towards rain and suddenly everyone started to sell umbrellas.

I decided if i will buy umbrella i will get one from the souvenir shop which is approved by the festival with branded merchandise of the festival.

I was right to do so.Everyone who bought umbrellas from those guys selling on foot on the side of the street their umbrellas was going backwards and collecting rain water instead of covering the poor person who made a quick and cheap deal on the go and didn't came prepared with small umbrella which can actually handle a slight breeze and wind.Well the wind was a bit strong but it looked that those umbrellas wires were weak not made from some durable material to withstand the wind.

After THE PITCH (Le Pitch for Shorts TV) i went and watched some shorts from the digital library and to be honest there are heaps of awesome shorts.Some a with huge budgets compared with BLINDSIDE and some are just pure gold with no budget at all.I am so happy that i decided to enter BlindSide into Short Film Corner.If that didn't happen i would never be even considering coming here to Cannes given the fact i wouldn't had the reason to come. I met some awesome filmmakers who i can call my friends now and we will keep in touch in the future and we all hope we will be able to work together on projects and share the love of film with others.

The rest of the day i will spend walking around and watching shorts and trying to relax here and there and chat with people and making more contacts and friends.

Next time when i come to Cannes and i hope that is next year with a feature film which is a bit ambitious,which was coming this year as well,but i guess we have to do what we think is not realistic or try to do it so we know we did our best to achieve it and if it happens then we know it was only impossible back then because we denied ourselves the opportunity to make it happen if we gave up on the idea.So in two words i guess i will keep trying no matter what and if it seems impossible i will make it possible one way or another without denying myself the opportunity to do so.

On the first floor of the Palais is the new Espresso called Nespresso and its free.Yep free.I dont drink much coffee but went few times to try it and its very good and will go tomorrow again just to try another type of the brand.There quite a few types/flavors.

Some celebs from the french cinema on the wall who enjoyed a good cup of coffee.
So after some well needed coffee and lots and lots of walking i will call the night off a bit earlier and will get to the hotel with the shuttle which comes every 30min and then have a nice dinner and try to relax after i have done the latest update of the blog,checked all emails and emailed all people i need to email and had a shower and then who knows what else.haha

One thing i wish i had with me here and that is semi official black shoes for long distance walking. I had walked here for a week more then i do in a month on Auckland.Thats great actually for my high cholesterol and for getting a bit fitter as well. Walking is good just my feet are killing me a bit at the end of each day and better shoes could help.

For now i would say nite nite and will continue tomorrow again.

Also i am looking forward to be able to take a ticket for David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis for friday's screening. Fingers crossed.Here tickets go so fast.


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