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CANNES DAY 10 & 11
25th & 26th May 2012

Well i managed to see David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis and it was interesting.Not my cup a tea,but well shot.

Did my 30sec walk on the red carpet and then quickly into the 2300 seat Lumiere Cinema after multiple security checks and a quick scan of my ticket we were comfy in our seats.It really takes a while to seat all the people and the cinema was absolutely full.

It was a mission to get in and quite a few minutes before the screening started so all of the 2300 people can have a seat and be ready for the screening.There are quite a few cinemas within the Festival complex and some are few minutes walk outside the festival reviera.

Also i managed to see MUD Directed by Jeff Nichols starring Matthew McConaughey. I liked MUD way more then Cosmopolis and thats maybe just me but i liked it more.I like the cinematography of Cosmopolis and colors and how dark it is and how it makes u think about certain things and also gives u smile in few occasions and few surprises.MUD was brighter and more upbeat film and makes u feel good and makes u think about love and relationship between man and woman,between boy and girl and father and son.Loved it.

I had to get up at 6:30am so i can get on time and get in front of the line and when i get in to get better seat.Funny i got the same seat both time i went to see Cosmopolis and MUD.Right in the middle from all sides of the cinema.Had a good view on the screen.

I can imagine why people like the red carpet.It feels good for sure and its just a brief moment of all other awesome moments like seeing ur film on the big screen finished and taking a life on its own and being out of ur hands in the hands and minds of everyone else to enjoy or not.We cant please everyone and thank go for that otherwise everyone would like the same thing and cinema will be one big boring business not form of art.

After the screenings i walked around a bit and had something to eat.There are always some cars with people dressed to attract attention and beep the horns and create some awesome vibe around.I saw a police officer actually having slight moves the other day on the beats of Michael Jackson.That was awesome..Even his colleagues were laughing and had some fun.

Every day after 5pm there is camera crews and paparazzi setting up for the evening arrival of the Celebs and film makers to take their shots and interviews before they eneter and represent their films.

Friday 25th was another rainy day but Saturday 26th end up to be awesome and sunny day so i went and saw the short films in competition including a kiwi short directed by Zia Mandviwalla called Night Shift. 

There was one short from Australia which i liked a lot.The name was Yardbird.Really well done and had some cool CG FX and work done to it.

So its just few days before take off and this will be the last post of my journey to Cannes .Hope you enjoyed reading about what i have been doing and found it interesting whats happening at least through my eyes.I am sure everyone who is here has their own angle on whats happening in Cannes and thats why it makes it such a place that you want to come back because every time you will experience it in a slightly different way meeting more people and having more fun.

So this afternoon around 6pm Local time on Saturday 26th of May i decided to do so sight seeing.Near by is a small castle and its quite high so i will be able to see Cannes Festival area a bit better from the top.

So i took a bit of a walk up the hill helping my cholesterol levels to drop down a bit and thank god for the exercise here while being in Cannes,i have done quite a bit of walking every day for quite a few hours.

To be honest the hill is not that big.Within few minutes i was up and took few shots u will see bellow.

Bellow is the painted wall of one of the bus stops i would catch a bus to my hotel at La Boca if the shuttle is not there or its outside the shuttle working hours and then right opposite the bus stop is taxi stand which for around 15 Euro i will get to my hotel as well.

So plenty of transport and took me one day to get my head around things just by asking around at the hotel reception or just watch which busses arrive in cannes and see if the same are stopping at the bus stop outside my hotel.Reading in french is not my strength so i use just logical approach.haha

Love the painting on the wall of this building.Its just awesome.

Just before i managed to get to the top i received text from a friends i made here Julia and Leo and Cederic who live in Paris and we all leave tomorrow so we got together for some coffee and ice-cream and had some awesome chat.

After our awesome afternoon ice cream meeting i headed off towards the top of the hill to do my climb towards the small castle and take some panorama shots of Cannes.

On my way to the Castle i passed through a small art market which every saturday takes over the central part of the city near the festivals and all shops and restaurants and you can shop away for some awesome art stuff.

Then i was on my up and love passing through all those narrow streets made by stone and concrete and with architecture i am very familiar from Bulgaria.

This red area is just small part of the festival and its the La Atelier Area. The festival area continues further for another few km along La Croisette.

This si where the festivals is happening and all 60,000 people involved with film and tv and media are gathering each year for already 65 years. Around 12,000 journalists and media people from all over the world are documenting this event this year.

Tomorrow i will be on my way back to Auckland and will touch ground at 11:45pm on 29th of May in Auckland Airport.

I just want to thank all my friends,family and everyone who made this trip possible.All of this gave me a chance to network with like minded people and promote BLINDSIDE and few other projects as well as to meet quite a few filmmakers and distributors and sales agents..

THANK YOU from the bottom of my Heart and from BLINDSIDE Team.


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