Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ready To Go!!!

Its been an intense few months since we found out that our Short Film BLINDSIDE will be part of the Cannes Short film Corner as part of Cannes Film Festival 2012.

First was the initial joy and happiness after reading the email of accreditation for the Short Film Corner and then was questioning the possibility of getting to Cannes.First thing i had in my mind was "How do i get there? I can't afford it.How much the trip would cost?"

Then i checked the prices of airfare and accommodation at Cannes.To get to Cannes and have accommodation i would need around NZ$6,000. The airfare was around the NZ$3,200 from Auckland to Cannes and Accommodation was around $2,200 for the whole 12 days i would stay there.Usually everyone who visits Cannes for the festival books tickets and accommodation  4-6months in advance to get the best prices.It was a pleasant surprise for all of us but we managed to make it happen.

Thanks to Kay Rayner,Jonathon Rayner-Burt,Phil Greeves and Chantal Rayner-Burt a IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign was created by the beginning of April and with the help of friends,family and fans of BlindSide we managed to collect half of the amount by 2nd of May just 12 days before i was suppose to take off for Cannes. I worked very hard to collect the other half of the funds i needed and i managed to do that just in time. 

My parents helped me with deposits and expenses for promo materials i would take to Cannes to promote future projects we have prepared.

I am so grateful to my parents and family for helping me over the years to follow my dreams and become filmmaker.Right next to them are all my friends who i love to bits as well and i am so thankful for their help every day on set  and off set and for their continuous support and encouragements. 


Now my bags are packed and i hope i havent forgotten anything i need for my trip.I thought i will be able to relax a bit before i take off but all the excitement and butterflies in the stomach and happy but nervous feeling are keeping me hyped up and not giving me the chance to relax as much as i hoped.
Well i will have 10 hour flight from Auckland to Singapore from 12pm tomorrow midday.Then follows a 13hour flight from Singapore to Paris and then a short flight from Paris to Nice.From Nice i can catch a train or a bus or any kind of transport to Cannes and i would be looking forward towards a nice sleep i guess after 23-24hour flights. I will be in Cannes around 9am on the 15th of May. Just the day before opening of the 65th Cannes Film Festival 2012. Will have a nice sleep i hope and then who knows.The next day i can go to reception and collect my pass and get to work.


This is my first time ever going to Cannes and ever to a festival at all.Aslo this is my first time of of New Zealand after me and my family arrived in Auckland on 23rd of November 2002 at 14:30pm.I remember this day like it was yesterday.My parents worked for years very very hard to get our family to New Zealand to start a new life and give us opportunities in life.It was very hard on my parents to achieve this and i am so grateful for what they did for me,my brother and my sister.Now its our turn to make them proud of what they did for us all those years. Mom and Dad Thank you so much.You are the best.

So now back to the topic i have started.

I have registered with few workshops while i am at Cannes.As accredited filmmaker i received quite a few emails with workshops and events which i had to register and i had to be approved for me to be able to attend.So far all workshops i have applied i will be able to attend and my schedule is getting quite busy.Since this is my first time i am trying to do as much as i can while i am there.
No time to waste..haha

I will do my best to keep everyone posted with whats happening each day and share some photos while i am there each day.

Keep an eye on BLINDSIDE Facebook Page 
and you can follow us for more updates on BLINDSIDE Twitter Page


To top up the good news BLINDSIDE and PLAYMATES both have been accepted to the 7th Cyprus International Film Festival later this year in October 2012.

HUGE Congrats to Cast and Crew.

PLAYMATES Facebook Page

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