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24th May 2012

Today we are starting with wished for success and good luck to a very very good friend of mine Stephanie Altman aka SALTEE and her audition in few days for New Zealand's Got Talent in Auckland Auditions. All available fingers crossed wish you the very best Steph.

Good luck Steph and have fun.

The hotel is big. Seven levels and as you can see quite a few rooms.The inside courtyard is great and there is kitchen and small dairy attached to the building to shop for groceries if u want to cook inside the apartment.

I got breakfast quite a few times for 10Euro and you can eat as much as you want for the price which is great.There are awesome bread,croisants,cheese,bacon,ham,boiled eggs,butter,mayonaise,tea,ketchup,coffee,juices few kinds and few other things like chocolate and some jams and stuff.So awesome breakfast menu.

For the first time i was eating every morning between 7am and 8am and then headed off to the Palais de Festival to watch Cosmopolis.This morning was earlier start because for the big movies there is huge cue as you have seen from some of the photos before.I went 1 hour before the doors even open and there were few people already waiting there so u can imagine if u try to be on time.That actually means you are already late and if the cinema is full then u dont get in.

In the case with having a ticket that is not possible because the number of the tickets are limited to the seats of the cinema capacity.The issues is when you go to screenings which u can get in with your badge only.Then the its a lottery or first comes first served situation.And if the movie is big then u might end up waiting for a bit.Thats why i could go to any movies earlier.I was busy with workshops and meetings and conferences and didn't had the time to cue and wait for 2-3hours at the time to see a movie.

This shot above was from a moment like this where we waited and waited and then when we started to go in very soon we were told that the cinema is fool.That was another film i tried my luck to get there before the doors open.So thats why for Cosmopolis i got up in 6:30am and had something to eat and then got just in time when the cue just had only few people in it.

I am so thankful for NZ Film Commission giving me some space to work from while they were in Cannes.It made it so much easier for me to move around.The NZFC office is 5min walk from the Festival entrance and that saves me an hour if i had to go to the hotel if i had an hour to spare and update my blog and check emails etc.

And the view is just awesome and i met so awesome industry professionals.Everyone is busy and flying around and making the most of the 24hour trip from New Zealand to Cannes.We have some awesome shorts in the short film corner and in competition as well like Night Shift directed by Zia Mandiwalla.

Right outside the office is always busy and there some awesome paintings and masterpieces of technology and motorsport like this beautiful Lamorghini and some Ferarrie's bellow..

Then we have some live entertainment as well and i had few minutes to record a video of those guys which i will add later.And i donated as well.

Ogy and Amy just before they catch the train and then a flight home.We had some great times and looking forward to more.

Then i went for a nice walk and took some photos of boats and more cars action actually one car and some more festival sites.

There are so many awesome boats here.To be honest we have them in Auckland just not exactly the same.Never the less no matter where in the world you are at any marina some will amaze you more then others but all of them will make you feel good with each masterpiece/boat from medium to huge size and will make you want to enter and have a look around and after that definitely to stay for a month or so and go across the atlantic on a world tour.haha

 There are parties on almost all boats all the time and all of them are private and sometimes you might be able to sneak in but i have never tried and didn't had time to party anyway.

I saw a truck with Avengers parked outside the Casino i have shown a few pictures off in my previous posts so i decided to take a shot with combination of the Avengers colorful action pumped truck and the Casino classical and very film noir black and white shots of celebs from back in the days.I am quite happy with the result.

Had and nice dinner before i went home and gave a huge hug to my bed for the rest of the night.

Bellow are some more interesting shots from a Lamborghini parket right outside the Casino.

This shot above and the one bellow is from another part of Cannes Film Festival called La Atelier ( The  Workshop) where chosen few perojects are developed by the festval and french government and some will end up being made and recieve funding if not all of them.Not yet sure how this works but i guess with a bit of research i can find out.Never the less its another section of the festival where filmmakers do some more work on their future feature projects.

I met a couple from India who are doing this workshop.We met actually in the hotel shuttle while we were going to the Palais de Festival.Their film will be shot if it gets the funding in 3 countries and will have 4 languages which is very unique and very exciting for the couple and they are the first and only indian company husband and wife who are part of this workshop.

I can say we end up talking a lot about life and what we have been to before we end up in Cannes and what we plan to do after Cannes. I love the whole environment where we can make friends and not know but have hope you can work together in the future and all of this thanks to just few hours of conversation or few minutes of quick chat in the shuttle. Being genuine and open and honest and just passionate about film is the very least needed to make good friends and make life time partners in some cases who will help each other in the future to make more awesome cinema world wide.

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